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STL300 Cain lollipop production line

STL300 Cain lollipop production line

Short Description:

STL300 Cain lollipop production line

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  • Detailed Description

    STL300 Cain lollipop production line

    STL300 stick lollipop production line


    This line is consists of cooking machine, batch roller, rope size,

    equalizer machine etc..It can produce all kinds of screw thread shape


    or lollipop.The pressing machine is used for making flat twist

    shape lollipop

    1. This extruding machine can be used with wide range of applications:

    1) Food industry: producing drinking straws, lollipop sticks, coffee stirring stick etc.

    2) Other industries: producing ballpen refill, cotton swabs sticks and some other pipes used for industry.


    2. Easy to operate, only one man can handle it.


    3. Cutting end: 90°/90°, 90°/45°, 90°/60°, 45°/45°, 60°/60°


    4. A wide range of color: one, two, three color or multicolor stripes, straight or spiral.

    Model STL300                                                               
    Driving motor        Main motor: 7.5kw, 380V
    Vice motor: No
    Drag and cutting device: 0.75kw*2
    Productivity for lollipop sticks 500pcs/min
    Productivity for coffee stirring sticks 1000-1400pcs/min
    Straw Dia.: 2-13mm
    Length tolerance: ±0.1-1mm
    Row material PP
    Screw Main screw: 50mm in diameter
    Vacuum Calibration and Cooling          Method of vacuum fixed diameter: Vacuum soaking
    length of the cooling system:3.5m, 4.5m, 5.5m available


    capacity 100-150kg/h
    Diameter of the ropes 6-30mm
    Weight of the machine 4500kg

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