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RL 420/520 Automatic Vertical Packing Machine

RL 420/520 Automatic Vertical Packing Machine

Short Description:

The machine can automatically do bag-forming, weighing ,dosing, gas-flushing, coding, cutting.

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  • Detailed Description


    1.The machine including Z model conveyor , weigher  ,main vertical packaging machine ,platform ,and finish product  conveyor. It can automatically do bag-forming, weighing ,dosing, gas-flushing, coding, cutting.

    2.Be applicable for packing gain  product ,for instance , puff snack food ,potato chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, apple chips, dumpling, small cookies, dry  fruit, melon seeds, roasted  seeds  and  nut, medical  material, deep-frozen food, etc.

    3.Working states&operation messages shows in Chinese/English by touch screen, recipes can be saved.

    4.Cutting position&we-tracking can be adjusted through touch screen during the continuous running.

    5.Temperature controller is uesd, difference in temperature range is in 3 degree. Dentiform sealer to seal hard.

    6.Airproof configuration is used, low noise, free dust, especially used to pack powdery.

    Technical parameters

    Item No. KL-420A (for example)
    Bag length 80-300mm
    Bag width 80-200mm
    Film width Max.420mm
    Packing speed Max 20-55bag/min (depend on the bag length
    Outside size (L)4300×(W)4200×(H)3650mm
    Power 220V, 2.2KW
    Weight 650kg
    Application Suitable for packing fragile bulk material with irregular shapes and requiring high measuring accuracy, such as :puffed food, shrimp strip, potato chips, banana chips, apple flakes, crispy rice, biscuit, peanut, cooked seeds, sweets etc.

    1. The system can finish automatically all processes ,i.e Feeding, measuring, filling and bag making, printing date, product output.

    2. The machine structure is compact, rational, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance.

    3. The complete set of the machine is featured with fair price, stable performance.

    4. The machine adopts independent mixing system, is able to mix uniformly the material.

    Save labor, less waste, easy operate and maintence.Complete set5         KL-420 main machine

    6. Ten heads combined scale

    7. Z type material conveyor (including vibrate hopper)

    8. Vibrating Feeding machine

    9. Supporting platform

    Finished product conveyor

    Model RL420 RL 520
    Packing speed 25-80bags/min 25-70bags/min
    Pouch making size Bag making width:80-200mm

    Bag making length:80-300mmBag making width:100-250mm                                                                                         Bag making length:100-350mmFilling range10-1200g50-2000gPacking materialWax.paper,cellophane, aluminium filmWax.paper,cellophane ,aluminium filmPacking film widthMax.200mmMax.250mmpower10kw12kwGross weight2500kg2870kgf

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