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KCM500 Kneading machine

KCM500 Kneading machine

Short Description:

KCM500 Kneading machine

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  • Detailed Description

    KCM500 Kneading machine  has two arms and the turnstile cooling table that maintains temperature of product and mix without any bubble. SHINWEI candy machine has offered option, automatic transfer and table cover will equip. The automatic transfer will make more efficiency working environment by automatic product transfer into advance process. The table cover will prevent breakaway of sugar mass at the cooling table.

     Power of table- Oil pressure motor ¢50mm

    Oil pressure pump power :4P-5.5kW AC220~380V.

    Oil pressure cylinder ¢50 x 600=2EA

    Capacity one batch: 45kg/3min approx.


    Equipment details
    1 Main kneading and cooling unit 1set 50kg/batch approx.
    1-1 Frame and cover 1set  
    1-2 Oil pressure cylinder system 1set  
    1-3 Motor 1set 5.5kW
    1-4 Electric controlling system 1set  
    1-5 Accessories 1set Standard

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