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EXM5600 Marshmallow extruding line

EXM5600 Marshmallow extruding line

Short Description:

EXM5600 Marshmallow extruding line

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  • Detailed Description

    The EXM5600 processing line is a complete plant for continuously producing various kinds of cotton candies (marshmallow) which comes in a variety of colors and shapes.


    1)    In the pre-mixer, all the ingredients to be dissolved and cooked.

    2)    Then the basic slurry is continuously pumped to a cooker till the final moisture level is reached.

    3)    After cooking, the slurry will be cooled and mixed with a separate whipping agent solution.

    4)    Then the cooled “marshmallow base” is passed through the continuous aerator.

    5)    The product then be divided and injection with different colors and flavors.

    6)    The multi-color product is extruded ,and transported on a cooling conveyor for cooling down;

    7)    The conditioned marshmallows are dusted top and bottom with starch, or a mixture of both starch and icing sugar in a separate dust cabin; the product is cut to the required length here.

    8)    The dust cabin is kept under a strict control to prevent the “dust” spreading throughout the plant. The excess starch/sugar is removed.

    9)    The final is transferred to a packaging place.


    Model EXM5600
    Production capacity    kg/h 150
    Cutting length of the product     mm 10~160
    Steam consumption    kg/hSteam pressure        MPa 2500.2~0.6
    Electric power needed 35kW/380V
    Compressed air consumptionCompressed air pressure 1.5m3/min0.6-0.8MPa
    Conditions needed forthe cooling system:1. Room temperature(℃)2. Humidity (%) 20~2545~55
    Gross weight            kgs 8000
    Total length of the line    m 35

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