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DZB280/320 Bar Pillow Wrapping Machine

DZB280/320 Bar Pillow Wrapping Machine

Short Description:

This machine is applied to packing different kinds of regular materials in solid shapes.

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  • Detailed Description

    Apply to packing different kinds of regular materials in solid shapes, like biscuit, bread, candies, articles of everyday use and industry parts. As to the material in bulk, you need to put them in a box, forming a regular entirety to pack.

    Structure characters:

    1.Touching type human-machine interface to control, simple and easy to setup the parameters, high speed and effective

    2. Adopting photoelectric trace technology, digitalize inputting, accurate cutting position.

    3.Checking faults automatically and alerting show.

    4.Enable to adjust the constant temperature, intelligent control, apply to different packing materials.

    5.Double frequency changer control, the bag length instant designing and instant cutting .No need to waste the films when you adjust the bag length. Time and film saving.

    6.Enable to fixed-position and machine halt, no adhesion to the knife, no film wasting


    This type of machine is mainly applicable for food, hardware, commodity such as chocolate bar, bread, biscuit, vitelline pie, lollipop, mooncake, ice cream, card, wet tissue, spoon, toothbrush, soap, slipper, scourer ball, syringe and so on.

    Main functions:

    1.PLC control, high sensor photoelectric colorcode tracing

    2.Excellent performance, simple operation and high-speed packing

    3.Gear sytem besides double-frequency conveter controller, making machine simpler operation and more stable when high speed working

    4.Color touch screen, highest pillow type machine in china

    5.This machine can be installed to an ink wheel printer to print factory date.

    Technical Parameters

    Model DZB280/320
    Capacity <320pack/minute
    Size of wrapping 70-150mm or 140-360mmwidth<260mm, height<50mm
    Total Power 3kw
    Shell size 4000×950×1450mm
    Weight 650kg

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