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BL2000 Lollipop cooling machine

BL2000 Lollipop cooling machine

Short Description:

BL2000 Lollipop cooling machine

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    BL2000 lollipop Cooler Is High Efficiency And Energy Saving Cooling Equipment Which Is Special Designed To Match
    High Production Of Forming Lollipop Such As Die Forming Lollipop.This Cooling System Provides Rapid Cooling For
    Die Forming Lollipop With Less Noise And Good Effect. It Adopts Wiggly Vibration Plate By Cam And Rocker To Cool
    Down And Transfer Lollipop. During Cooling And Transferring, Lollipop Cool Down Equably And Won’t Be Cracking
    Or Defrmation.meanwhile, Wiggly Vibration Plate Avoids Lollipop Lapping And Conglutination On Transfer Plate
    Effectively, Unique Full Close Design And Super Silence Effect Is Fully Meet Environment Protection Requirements. It
    Is Optimum Die Forming Lollipop Cooling Equipment.

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